Senin, 12 Maret 2018

Using Accreditation Service from PouchNation

Do you want to find a platform that is used as registration and also accreditation of all people when will register in attending an event? So you can use PouchNation.  It offers the best event accreditation service. Besides that, PouchNation is a leading provider of NFC technology in Southeast Asia that has supported 40 events in over in 7 countries especially in Indonesia.

PouchNation uses a bracelet ticket or NFC wristband to accredit the audiences who will be attending an event. This bracelet is made of durable waterproof material in several days. This bracelet will be filled with a code that will assist the event organizer the data of potential audience. It also can facilitate the organizers to select the prospective audience when going into the venue.

There are several other benefits of this one ticket bracelet as it can avoid potential audience to perform long queues when going the venue. Then, allowing audiences to buy foods or drinks while at the venue without using cash. Because of the bracelet tickets can used as a pay tool. This is because the ticket uses cashless payment system.

This bracelet is supported by applications that use Hi Tech that flexible. This bracelet is designed in accordance with the events to be held and in accordance with the sponsor associated in promoting the events. This bracelet can also be used to collect detailed data analysis, and it is recorded automatically.

In carrying out its duties, PouchNation uses social media in promoting the event so that potential buyers who buy this bracelet ticket. Besides that, PouchNation will record an event when event takes place then will upload it into PouchNation’s social media account. And it can be used as media promotion. So for those of you who want to use this event accreditation service is PouchNation.


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Using Accreditation Service from PouchNation
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